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Skintown by Ciaran McMenamin

I am always grateful when I get sent a free book to review. I consider it a dutiful honour each and every time. However, it does sometimes present a dilemma, and in the case of Skintown I had to do something I really don’t like doing – abandon it. Skintown is the first novel by Ciaran McMenamin, and has a really interesting backstory. Based on true events, Skintown follows the story of a character called Vinny, growing up in ’70s Ireland when the IRA were at their most terrifying. Vinny is having a bad Saturday night. All he wanted was a Hawaiian burger from one of the choice joints on Chippie Street after a few pints. Just a few hours later, after a mindless act of kindness, Vinny finds himself wedged into the back seat of a shiny black Ford Fiesta, with two prime cuts of under-the-influence thuggery watching him from the front.…

10 “Must Read” Books That I Still Haven’t Read Yet….

There are a countless number of books in the world. However, no matter how hard I try, it will be impossible for me to read even half of them, maybe not even a quarter of them (an upsetting thought I know). That’s why books tend to be listed into “must-reads” – so it’s easier for book readers to ensure they read the ‘best’ while they still have the chance. I’ve read a lot of these “must-read” titles over the years, but there’s still some books I haven’t read yet – must to the horror of my fellow book-readers! Here are 10 “must read” books that I just haven’t got around to yet…I’m sorry…. 1. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien I read The Hobbit when I was younger and absolutely fell in love with it – but for some reason I never progressed to The Lord of the…