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The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor

The girl’s head rested on a small pile of orange-and-brown leaves. The Chalk Man was my pick for work’s book club. When I was researching scary books for a Halloween-themed post last year (which I didn’t end up writing!), I remembered coming across this book, and seeing lots of positive reviews – many claiming how it was one of the “scariest”. I’ve never read a book that’s truly scared me. I get nightmares from horror movies all the time – but I’ve never had the same response from a book. The closest I got was when I read The Shining – it certainly creeped me out (I almost had to put it down before bed one evening), but I can’t say that it made me feel genuinely scared. So, I picked The Chalk Man, despite some reservations from my fellow book clubbers. Turns out, they needn’t have worried, because The Chalk Man isn’t scary AT ALL. I feel…