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My Return to Pottermore

When Pottermore was first launched in 2011, I immediately set up an account. At the time, although it was cool to be sorted into a house (I got Slytherin), there wasn’t actually a lot of information on there that wasn’t available anywhere else, and I considered the ‘potion making’ game a little childish for my liking. Ergo, I ended up abandoning my account. Over the years, I caught snatches of Pottermore updates – more unique content, improved user experiences, etc. At some point I can’t exactly place (but it must have been between 3-4 years ago), I remember creating a new Pottermore account, this time being sorted into Ravenclaw. But, again, I ended up abandoning it. I don’t really remember why. I think I really wanted to be into it, but for some reason, it just didn’t really have much of a hold on me. However, when I discovered that users could identify…