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My AMAZING £4 Charity Book Haul!

Yup, you read that right. FOUR POUNDS. I couldn’t believe my luck. I don’t have any book shops in my town, but I do have a number of charity shops, where there’s a treasure-trove of books just waiting to be rediscovered. I decided to quickly pop into my favourite shop – just to see if they had anything new in – and couldn’t believe it when I saw a “3 books for £1” sale. I immediately starting browsing through the shelves, and ended up with 10 books, a DVD and a boxed Jane Austen collection – all for £4! The Complete Works of William Shakespeare This is a beautiful leather-bound edition, published in New York by Avenel Books. There’s no ISBN or publish date, but after a quick search I think I can confirm that it was published in 1975. Since studying Shakespeare at school, I haven’t really read any…

Rescued Book Haul: My Mum’s Collection

I was lucky enough to grow up in a home with books. My parents would read to me at night time, and my Mum had a huge collection of books from her own childhood that I read before I had pocket money to buy books of my own. Over the years however, my Mum has reduced her book collection to create more space in the house. Books that haven’t been read it years, books that have fallen apart and are completely unreadable, and nursery books from mine and my siblings youth have all been given away (or thrown away) over the years. My Mum, despite knowing how much I love books, used to do this without my knowledge – and I would give her the silent treatment for days in disgust. Despite being her books, she forgets that I read them over and over again, and that I don’t care how…