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The Martian by Andy Wier

I first heard about The Martian from my brother, who, sharing my enthusiasm for science-fiction, recommend that I add it to my wishlist (which I did). However, after hearing that The Martian was being adapted into a film, and being released this year, I made an effort to bump it up the list and read it. (I HATE seeing the film before reading the book; it ruins the whole experience for me. Once you’ve seen an actor portray a character, you can never imagine that character being anything different.) So while my boyfriend was sitting in the cinema last week watching the biggest science-fiction film since Intersteller (with STRICT instructions to not give away any spoilers when he returned), I was sitting on my sofa with a peppermint tea and my nose between the pages of Andy Weir’s The Martian. What I immediately loved about this book was the opening line. There’s no long-winded…