Marathon Diaries: Weeks 8-12

I am running the London Marathon 2019 for homeless charity Shelter from the Storm. Please click here to find our more about the charity and to make a donation.

It is COLD outside! The bitter weather has forced me into the safety of the gym, and I have spent the past couple of weeks doing the majority of my training on a treadmill.

In a lot of ways, this has really helped me. Running on a treadmill is softer for the joints then road running, and all my aches and pains in my shins and ankles have pretty much cleared up. I’ve also been able to focus on running at a controlled and steady pace, which has helped me improve my stamina and endurance on longer runs, and get an idea of what might my marathon pace might be.

However, I am well aware that treadmill running is quite a bit easier and, consequently,  I can’t get overly dependent on it. That’s why on Saturday, somewhat begrudgingly, I braced the chill and went on a 30 minute road run.

And you know what?

I smashed it!

It was easily my most comfortable non-stop run, and I completed 2.95 miles at a slightly slow but steady pace of 10’56”. I was feeling so good, that I actually could have kept running for longer, but I didn’t want to push myself too hard and stray from my training programme (it stated that this week was something of a recovery week, and I feel like I should take that seriously!).

It might not sound very impressive to you, but that run massively boosted my confidence levels, especially because I went for a run over the Christmas period and completely failed. Admittedly, I had a bit of a cold, but for the life of me I could not get comfortable and could barely run for more than 10 minutes at a time (I came home and cried).

Saturday’s run showed that I have improved massively, even if it doesn’t always feel like I have.

My longest run so far – my proudest achievement – has been a whopping 6.9 miles. That’s the longest I have EVER ran! Yes, it was on a treadmill and, yes, it may have took me 90 minutes (13’02” pace), but the point is that I did it – a quarter of a marathon! In just 5 weeks (not including my 6-week beginner’s walk-to-run training plan), I have managed to run just under 7 miles. In another 5 weeks, I’m due to run my first ever half marathon.

Coincidently, I’m also a quarter of the way to my fundraising target for Shelter for the Storm. I’m incredible thankful to everyone who has donated so far, and hope that I can smash my £1,000 target before the big day as well! Please do check out my JustGiving page and spare some pennies if you can!

Looking ahead at my training schedule, the next few weeks look pretty intense… hopefully the weather will warm up and I’ll be able to get back outside. One thing I’m still struggling with is my temperature – I just get so incredibly hot when I’m running! I’m assuming this is a fitness-level thing, but will do some research to see if there’s anything else I can be doing to prevent this.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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