12 Days of Christmas: Book Advent Calendar

So yesterday I received my book advent calendar and I am SO excited! An initiative by cousins and book bloggers – Charlotte and Laura-Beth – who curate book advent calendars for both adults and children.

I went for the 12 Days of Christmas option, opting for a mix of genres. Each book is individually wrapped with a number on it and, despite being extremely tempted to open them all right now, I have decided I won’t start opening  until the 13th December. This way I can count down the days to Christmas in a similar way to a traditional advent calendar.

I’ll post images of each unwrapped book on both Twitter & Instagram, but I’ll also update this post so you can see the complete haul.

Book #1 – Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

It must be a sign! Pride & Prejudice is a book I know that I should read (as it’s a best-selling classic) – I just haven’t yet. Actually, I read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies a while back and quite enjoyed it – but I feel like it’s my duty to read the original.

Book #2 – The Girl Who Came Back by Susan Lewis

Another book I’ve never head of. Actually, despite being described as a Sunday Times bestselling author, I’ve never heard of Susan Lewis. However, a quick Google search showed me that she’s written a vast number of novels which have all been well-recieved. This one, published in 2016, currently has a 3.96 star rating on Goodreads.

Book #3 – I Am Death by Chris Carter

This is actually book #7 in the Robert Hunter detective series – but I believe it can be read as a stand alone. I enjoy a good crime novel (although I tend to be pretty good at predicting the ‘twist’ – and therefore rate unpredictable crime books much higher!), so think I will enjoy this. The blurb makes it sound a bit like a combination of The Da Vinci Code and Saw.

Book #4

Book #5

Book #6

Book #7

Book #8

Book #9

Book #10

Book #11

Book #12


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