Reality Boy by A.S. King

Reality Boy

Reality Boy was a gift from my brother last Christmas, but I only just got round to reading it. Published in 2013, it’s a modern book set in today’s era portraying how a former reality show child ‘star’ grows into an angry teenage boy.

Gerald, lives with his Mother, Father and older sister Tasha. His other sister is currently attending collage across the pond in Glasgow.

She escaped, and Gerald can’t work out if he’s pleased for her, or angry that she left him in this mess.

The Faust family starred in a reality TV show back when Gerard was a toddler. Like all toddlers, he had behavioural issues. When he was feeling particularly angry, defiant or hard-done-by, Gerald would crap. Everywhere. And I mean everywhere; on the dinner table, in the wardrobe and even in his Mother’s shoes.

And all of that was aired for the whole of the American population to see.

Now a teenager, Gerald is now known by all as Crapper, a cruel nickname christened by the bullies who have haunted Crapper for as long as he can remember.

I think it’s fair to say that Gerald is pretty messed up teenager.

Reality Boy is a narrated in Gerald’s powerful and honest narration, and you can’t help but feel empathetic for his character.

It’s definitely written for a teenage audience, but I am in my twenties and still found myself relating to themes and emotions drawn throughout. You might, like me, find the ending slightly predictable – but I think in this case it can be forgiven when you consider the message of this book; Life’s not fair, but you can choose not to let it ruin your life.

3 Stars (3 / 5)

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